Time to move on

This project has now come to a close under my management as I have moved from Wolverhampton. It will, however, be passed over to another local group to keep it going in a similar way but we are in the process of changing the lease so I will update things when I have more definite information.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved, from the volunteers to the visitors, supporters, those who have donated their materials and the schools who have sent students to do work experience with us as well as the groups from Leonard Cheshire charity.



Do you want to grow flowers for Wednesfield In Bloom?

As we’re back into the growing season again this year, we have a great new venture that we’re getting involved in. Wednesfield is taking part in the “In Bloom” competition, creating a trail of flowers around the town centre area and even though our garden is a little out of the way to be a part of that, we are going to help by sowing seeds and nurturing the flowers over the next two months so they can be sent out to add to the trail.

We have hundreds of packets of seeds ready to be sown so if you’d like to get involved (if you’re new to planting, you will be taught about exactly what to do so don’t worry!), please get in touch at ourownfuture@gmail.com

We always have people there on Wednesdays but we can be there on more days leading up to the event in July so let us know when you can come.

We’re also going to be creating a new flower display area at the garden as well with some great new planters (all made from reclaimed materials as we always do!) so you can help out with both of these things.

A programme for special needs students at the garden

We were happy to welcome a group of students to our garden today to take part in gardening and woodwork activities. It was the first time we’ve had people with special needs and they came through the organisation of the Leonard Cheshire Group.

We had six students and their members of staff who helped with clearing some of the plant beds and with fixing some side panels onto our gazebo.

Both groups worked really well and they got into the jobs straight away. They were a pleasure to work with and they enjoyed what they were doing and learned some new skills.

Maureen coordinated the gardening activity and I led the carpentry one.

We had got 6 doors from Maureen, who had hers replaced and by chance, the fitted exactly onto the sides of the gazebo so we can effectively turn it into a hut – even better for shelter when we have other events in wet weather.

Again, the three boys who worked with me got on with the job with no complaints and we got it done well and within time.

Hopefully, they will come back next year as this is one of the reasons for establishing the garden – so we can bring benefits to different people in our community.